Tips for Mending in Minecraft


Tips for Mending in Minecraft

Enchantments can be used to increase your strength and survival against mobs in Minecraft. Mending is a rare enchantment in Minecraft that allows you to repair your enchanted items with experience orbs, rather than placing them on the anvil and using diamonds.

Mending is a powerful skill that is hard to obtain. However, if you have been playing for a while and want to keep your armor in good shape, it is definitely worth it. Here are 10 tips for Mending.

10 Reasons Mending is the Best

You'll need to have a lot of diamonds depending on how frequently you do it and how expensive your enchantments on it. Mending is a better option because it saves you money and restores durability with experience points.

9 Treasure Enchantment

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However, Mending is not an enchantment that can be obtained at the magical table. It is a "treasure-enchantment" that can only be found in enchanted books located in different locations around the globe. It is a powerful and rare item that you should have in your inventory.

8 Incompatibilities

Keep in mind, however, that Mending cannot be combined to a bow with Infinity. This would be the ultimate weapon, but it is too powerful according to developers. It's not possible to survive with it.

7 Enchanting Things to Do with Mending

To attach Mending to a piece of armor or tool, combine the book with the armor or tool at the anvil. Anvils are a worthwhile investment, although you will need a lot of iron.

6 Fishing

Two handy enchantments that we recommend for fishing rods are Unbreaking III, and Luck of the Sea III. The first will make your rod last longer and the second will increase your chances of finding treasures while fishing like enchanted books.

5 Chests

You can try to find desert temples that have four chests under their bottom floor. There is a good chance that at least one chest will contain an enchanted text, so go to your nearest desert biome and get started looking.

4 Trading

You can also set up a villager farm. This will provide you with a large number of newly created villagers that you can trade with until you find a Mending partner. This is the best way to increase your chances of finding Mending, even though it requires some grinding.

3 Raids

If you are lucky enough, Illagers may drop enchanted books as a reward. However, this is not the most efficient or likely to happen. It is highly dependent on luck.

2 Vindicators

If you do manage to find a Woodland Mansion you will be pleased to know that Vindicators sometimes drop enchanted books if you kill them. These books could also contain high-level enchantments such as Mending, so it's worth taking a chance.

1 Importance of XP Farms

When replenishing a tool, ensure you hold it in your right or left hands while absorbing experience points. You won't be able gain any experience unless your tools are repaired.