Screenshot of new Crafting Interface


Screenshot of new Crafting Interface

Crafting is the art of building items, tools, and blocks in Minecraft. Crafting is the act of moving items from an inventory to a crafting grid and arranging them according a recipe. A crafting table can access a 3x3 grid and a 2x2 crafting grid. You can also craft items made in the 2x2 grid in the crafting table.

3x3 Crafting grid (crafting table)

The 2x2 crafting grid is available to all players in Creative, Survival Adventure, Adventure, and Spectator. There are small crafting recipes that can be made that are no more than 2x2. These include crafting tables, sticks, crafting boards, torches, and other shapeless items. You can craft items by using a 3x3 grid. To do this, create a crafting board with 4 wooden planks and place it in the world. Then, press the use button while facing it. The interface will open with a 3x3 crafting grid that the player can use for crafting any crafting recipe in the game. You can also access all crafting recipes in the recipe book.

Some recipes don't require that the ingredients be placed in a certain way on the crafting grid. These are often called shapeless recipes. Players can create a fermented spider-eye by placing its ingredients anywhere on the grid.

However, many recipes require that their ingredients be placed in the right relative positions on the crafting grid. These are also known as shaped recipe. Shaped recipes allow ingredients to be'moved' up or down, left or right. They can also flip sideways. A 3x1 recipe such as bread can be made with the top, middle, and bottom rows of the 3x3 grid. It cannot be made with the 2x2 grid as it requires three items to be covered. A bow can be made by placing the strings on the left instead.

Some recipes cannot be moved or mirrored in this manner. These are known as fixed recipes. Banner recipes, for example, require that dyes be placed precisely to achieve the desired pattern. Data packs and mods can be used to add fixed recipes.

Crafting is completely silent, unlike other in-game actions like smelting, boiling, and enchanting.

On this wiki, shapeless recipes are marked with a pair of intertwined arrows on the crafting table graphic. This symbol is not used in the game.

Recipe Book

There are many Crafting Recipes.

- Each unlocked recipe is found on the first tab.
- The second tab includes tools, weapons, armor.
- The third tab includes building materials.
- The fourth tab includes food and miscellaneous items.
- The fifth tab includes redstone materials.