Minecraft Real-time Strategy


Minecraft Real-time Strategy

Another Minecraft game is in development, this time it's a real-time strategy title.

Jeff Gerstmann, a former Giantbomb host, discussed what he saw of the game via Twitch last night and suggested that it was far enough in development to be revealed on Sunday as part of Microsoft's Xbox and Bethesda Showcase.

Gerstmann stated that the game was still in testing. It puts players in command a unit "Steve-like" that directs others in fighting off Minecraft enemies like Piglins.

Gerstmann stated that although it is not certain if the announcement will be made at Microsoft's event, Gerstmann indicated that Microsoft has a new spin-off. "Microsoft appears be testing it and putting it out under an code-name...

"From the brief descriptions and a few screenshots, it looks like a real-time strategic game - an RTS. The difference is that you are controlling a Steve-esque unit and can order your units in a third-person perspective. You'll be taking on Piglins, and it'll have a storyline and cut-scenes.

Gerstmann didn't specify which studio was involved in the project, but it is believed that this is a separate game to the previously leaked 4X strategy spinoff at Oxide Games. The project, which is more similar to Civilization for PC or Xbox, remains secret for now.

These aren't the only Minecraft spin-offs by Microsoft. Mojang's Minecraft Dungeons continue to receive new content. However, the Pokemon Go-like Minecraft Earth has been closed.

The main Minecraft launched this week the massive The Wild Update. It included the long-awaited Deep Dark biome. To learn more about the long delays in this feature, I spoke with Mojang, which included Minecraft's game director Agnes Larsson.