Minecraft Mobs List


Minecraft Mobs List

Are you looking for the most current Minecraft mobs list 1.18? There are many mobs in Minecraft, so it's important to be as informed as possible about each one.

Below is the complete list of Minecraft mobs, animals, and creatures, starting with the humble Chicken, all the way up to legendary monsters like the Ender Dragon and even upcoming mobs like Frogs, Allays and the Warden.

Minecraft neutral mobs

Bee - Attacked or beehive broken. Attacks only once
Cave Spider - hostile in low light levels
Dolphin - If attacked, provoked
Enderman - a man who is provoked or attacked if he is viewed.
Goat - charges players in the vicinity randomly
Iron Golem - triggered if a nearby villager is attacked
Llama - If provoked, attacks only once
Piglin (adult), - provoked by any player who is not wearing 1+ Gold Armor pieces
Panda - Panda is provoked if attacked, attacks once
Polar Bear (adult) - provoked when attacked or near a cub
Spider - hostile in low light levels
Wolf - provoked if threatened
Zombified Piglin – provoked if attacked

Minecraft hostile mobs

- Blaze
- Chicken Jockey
- Drowned
- Elder Guardian
- Endermite
- Evoker
- Hoglin
- Magma Cube
- Phantom
- Piglin Brute
- Pillager
- Ravager
- Ravager Jockey
- Shulker
- Silverfish
- Skeleton Horseman
- Spider Jockey
- Vex
- Vindicator
- Witch
- Wither Skeleton
- Zoglin
- Zombie
- Zombie Villager
Warden (coming mob, arriving with Minecraft 1.19 Update)

Minecraft boss mobs

- Ender Dragon

You'll need to be ready to defend yourself against Minecraft many mobs, whether you're facing Endermen or Guardians or other hostile animals like Polar Bears. Make sure you have the best equipment. Check out our guides on Netherite and Diamonds to help you find them. Also, check out our page on how to make potions to boost your combat abilities. You can also add more mobs to Minecraft's world by checking out our list of Minecraft mods or changing the appearance of existing mods with the best Minecraft texture pack.