Minecraft 1.17 Features


Minecraft 1.17 Features

Are you still struggling to grasp all the new features and creatures in Minecraft 1.17? There are many new additions to keep an eye on. The Caves & Cliffs update first appeared in 2020. It was announced with big plans to revamp the game's world generation and add tons of new items, blocks, and creatures. Mojang decided to split the update into two parts . The 1.17 update (the first part in Caves & Cliffs), is now live and introduces new creatures and blocks. The 1.18 (part 2) update will arrive in 2021. It will bring us new biomes and a revamped terrain generation.

It seems so simple, right? It would be, except that certain animals and blocks that are only meant to spawn in the new biomes added in 1.18 have been removed from the game. It was difficult to keep up with all the changes in Caves & Cliffs Part 1 and figure out what is missing, so I created this guide.

This is a list of all new Minecraft 1.17 features as well as what you can expect from 1.18.

Minecraft 1.17 features: Here are the caves and cliffs part 1 features

It is worth noting that certain creatures or blocks tied to the upcoming biomes may not yet spawn naturally. However, it appears that there are other ways to get them, such as through Creative mode, a lucky find in an chest, or from a Wandering trader.


Lush caves: This biome brings colour to underground areas. It is full of glow berries and green-covered blocks. The Azalea trees that grow above the Lush Caves in the Overworld will help you locate them.

Dripstone Cave: This second biome is less colorful than Lush Caves, and it adds stalagmites to the mix. Be careful not to fall in a pit of stalagmites.

Deep Dark: This biome doesn't suit the faint-hearted. If the lights in the cave begin to dimming, it's a sign the new Warden mob may be nearby. Skulk Sensors can also generate here.

Creatures: Warden These new, terrifying mobs live underground and respond to vibrations and movement. They are dangerous and can cause a lot of damage.

Blocks: Skulk Block/Sensor are located deep underground in Warden's territory. These are activated by sounds and vibrations, and emit a Redstone signal if triggered.

The 1.18 snapshot is now available

Mojang states that this snapshot is experimental and that everything is subject to change. "Some features could be significantly modified or removed if necessary to improve performance."

Despite being experimental, this snapshot will allow you to create new worlds using Minecraft's larger mountains and more impressive caverns.