Guide to using lightning rods in Minecraft


Guide to using lightning rods in Minecraft

Minecraft 1.17 was an update that introduced many new features. Along with the mob vote-winning glow snail, goats and axolotls have been added. Numerous new blocks were also added, including copper.

A lightning rod is one of the most useful uses of copper. These are simple to make and require little effort once they have been placed.

Here are the uses of them, how they can be made, and where to put them.

The complete guide to lightning rods in Minecraft

Lightning rods, as their name suggests, are used to attract lightning. A lightning strike that would otherwise occur randomly is attracted to the lightning rod's block. They can't be used to help players under attack but can help during thunderstorms, one of three major weather types.

They will divert lightning strikes that occur within Java Edition's 128-block radius. Users of the Bedrock Edition can expect to be within 64 blocks.

Lightning rods won't interfere with lightning summoned by a Channeling Enchanted Trident. The crafting recipe is simple for these rods.

Three copper ingots are enough to make one lightning rod. Copper is easy to find underground. Minecraft players will need copper to make lightning rods.

Players can use the copper they have once they have it, but some spots are better than others.

A light that hits flammable blocks like wool or wooden blocks will set them ablaze. This is the main reason lightning rods exist. They can be strategically placed and placed far away from the blocks.

A lightning strike that hits a lightning rod will generate a redstone signal for eight seconds. Even though they're not very reliable, this makes them a great power source.

A lightning rod can be attached to a piece of redstone to trigger a door, piston, or other redstone-related block. Only problem is that you must have lightning to be able use the rod. This only happens during thunderstorms.

Thunderstorms are unfortunately the most rare weather phenomenon in vanilla Minecraft. Although rain is quite common, not all rainstorms become thunderstorms. Your chances of seeing a thunderstorm are very low.