Get Ready to be Blown Away by these 15 Cakes!


Get Ready to be Blown Away by these 15 Cakes!

Our site still has a lot of Minecraft birthday parties. These Minecraft cakes will blow your mind if you throw a Minecraft party!

We offer a variety of fun designs that will inspire and help you choose the right one for you.

Fondant is used to decorate many of these cakes. It's similar to edible marshmallow play dough. You can make a simple Creeper or Steve cake by using a square of store-bought cake.

Scroll down to see the cool Minecraft birthday cakes! You can also download a printable Minecraft party set at end of this post.

These 15 Minecraft Cakes will blow your mind!

This Minecraft birthday cake can be made in minutes.

Cover a square block of chocolate cake with green frosting, then add a bunch regular red household candles to the center. Tie them together with a TNT label. It's easy! !

2. Diamond Sword Pull-Apart Cupcake cake

The pull-apart cupcakes made from cupcakes are a great alternative to traditional birthday cakes.

Each cupcake is a Minecraft block. A sword is an excellent choice for the design.

3. Amazing Tiered Minecraft Cake

This Minecraft birthday cake is a great example of what a Minecraft fan can ask for.

It features all the main Minecraft characters, including Steve, Enderman, Steve, and a pig. There's even some TNT.

The top is finished with a Minecraft sword.

4. Explosive TNT Minecraft Birthday Cake

This cake is a great choice if you have the patience and time to cut small fondant squares in different colors of brown and green.

Decorate a square cake using all the fondant pixels to make it look like a Minecraft block. Then top it off with some TNT and a Steve and a Creeper.

5. Lego Minecraft Birthday Cake

Lego Minecraft birthday cake is the perfect choice for your son's birthday party if he loves Lego!

You can ask him to create a custom-made cake topper and make a birthday cake that is unique.

This is so cool! !

6. Creeper and TNT Cake

This is an awesome Creeper and TNT Block Minecraft birthday cake!

Combine two designs into one and you have a winner!

Cover each block with fondant sheets, and decorate them using Minecraft fondant cake squares.

7. Minecraft Block Cake with Sword

This fun Minecraft block cake features a cardboard sword and some Minecraft character toppings.

This is without a doubt a show-stopper!

8. Creeper Cake and Cupcakes

Another cool idea.

To make a Creeper Minecraft-inspired cake, use edible sugar sheets!

9. Minecraft Block Tiered Birthday Cake

This fondant Minecraft-decorated birthday cake is amazing!

The fondant Steve with TNT decorating it is so cool.

10. Minecraft Sword Cake

These Minecraft cupcakes and birthday cakes are so much fun!

You can add Minecraft toppers to your cupcakes, and a Minecraft sword to the middle!

11. Minecraft Steve Round Cake

This cool Minecraft birthday cakes is so easy to make!

Add a thin layer green fondant to your cake, then add white squares. Finally, top it off with an edible Minecraft Steve Topper.

12. Steve Minecraft Cake

See the fun Steve Minecraft birthday cake!

It's very easy to make. Simply cut the pieces and place them on top of the cake.

This design is very simple, so you can make a Minecraft birthday cake in no time.

13. Amazing Tiered Minecraft Cake

This tiered Minecraft birthday cake does not use squares or cubes like other popular Minecraft cakes, but instead uses a traditional round shape.

14. TNT Cake Minecraft Birthday Cake

This TNT-inspired Minecraft birthday cake is a great idea!

This fun fondant Minecraft TNT cake topper makes it easy to make your own birthday cake.

15. Fun Tiered Minecraft Birthday Cake

This fun-tiered Minecraft birthday cake is the final part of our round-up. It comes with an amazing topper.