Best Minecraft Bedrock Seeds


Best Minecraft Bedrock Seeds

You're playing Minecraft on Xbox One, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch or Mobile. Many players find it essential to play in a Minecraft world with plenty of resources and beauty. These seeds were chosen because they offer beautiful, resourceful, or beautiful worlds - or all three!

The Bedrock King

This seed is ideal for those who want to skip the initial-game grind of setting up a base and jump straight into adventure. You can spawn just 500 blocks from a Woodland Mansion. This will give you a quick start to a world where you'll want one. Once the spawn is complete, you can explore the surrounding area and find nearly every overworld structure and biome within 2,000 blocks. This seed is suitable for royalty and experienced Minecraft players. The reward is definitely worth the risk.

Key LocationsWoodland House: 264 616
Pillager Outpost: (-792 504)
Village: -936 760
Village/Stronghold: 824 1320
Ocean Monument: 1256 152

The Lush Cave of Coral Lake

We believe this would be the Oasis biome in Minecraft. You will spawn in the Badlands/Desert biome. A few blocks away, you'll find a multi-layer exposed Lush Cave that has been built into a Badlands Mountain Cliff and overlooking a small but beautiful Coral Reef lake. You'll also find a Coral Reef biome that is much larger. You'll also find many villages, monuments, temples, and igloos east-of-spawn.

Key LocationsCoralush cave: North spawn (negativeY)
Coral Biome: -184-22
Large Ruin (Cluster): -600 72
Shipwreck: -648 -200
Village: 800 240

Pillagers and Illagers

This seed is great for players who like a challenge and big rewards. It's only a short walk from three Pillager Outposts. There are many structures around each Outpost, but the best is the one pictured above. It is located just blocks from a Woodland Mansion. A cave opening leads down to an Ancient City directly next to it. The map's rest has a wealth of rare structures, including two more Mansions and all biomes within a few thousand blocks.

Biome War Island

This seed has a huge island that is fit for royalty. The spawn island has a huge 2,500-block radius and contains almost every structure and biome introduced in Minecraft 1.19. It also contains most biomes from previous updates, as well as several Outposts or Villages. This island is ranked among the top Bedrock seeds for early 1.19, with almost every resource available at spawn.

Key LocationsAncient Town: -280 184
Outpost: 488 360
Village: 216 -888
Jungle Temple: 1096 312
Ancient City: 472 40

The View starting at 1.19

We can't help but appreciate the amazing world generation capabilities of 1.18 and would not want to miss the Minecraft Wild Update's intense content update. This seed offers the best of both worlds by placing you in a Stony Peaks Biome, which overlooks dozens upon Biomes, different structures, and beautiful views. This is the best seed for a full view on 1.19!

Key LocationsCluster for Ancient Cities Southwest (-X), +Y of spawn
Badlands: -540 190
Mangrove Swamp: 750-1800
Village: -432 -70
Village: -768 -704

Structure Cluster Spawn

This seed can be considered one the first God Seeds in Minecraft 1.19. Most climate combinations will be found within 1,000 blocks of spawn, and by extension most biomes. There is also a cluster of five structures near spawn. You will find a Desert Village, Desert Village Shipwreck and Nether Portal in the clash of structures. This is the perfect seed for Speedrun games with an interesting twist.

Best Minecraft 1.18 Bedrock seeds

Crater Mountain Island

This is a large starting island with a single, well placed Village between two huge mountain craters. Some might find it difficult to climb the mountain craters that make up the entire island. Others might view this island as the ideal location for a villain's lair. You can also use it to create a base with lots of resources and an opportunity for an elevated home. Buried Treasure is a great place to start! This amazing island spawn has over 50.

Key LocationsVillage - -296 200
Ruined Portal
: +600 24
Shipwreck: 248 104
Buried Treasure: 56 56
Buried Treasure: -56 24

Mountain Faceoff

This seed was once one of 1.18's most prized seeds. It continues to be that way. You can spawn near a beautiful ring surrounded by mountains, and within walking distance to two mountainside villages. Two ominous Pillager Outposts are located nearby, which makes for an exciting adventure at the start of the game. But, it's even more important that you can find almost every structure within a few thousand blocks of spawn. This is the perfect seed for 1.18!

Key LocationsVillage -216 –264
: 232 232
Pillager Outpost: (-584 296
Pillager Outpost: 200 536
Ruined Portal: +280 40

The Cliffside Mansion

Another stunning view from the Woodland Mansion. This is a perfect example of the 1.18 world generation mechanics. This Mansion was built into a large portion of the cliff's base. Once you have liberated the Mansion from Illager control you will have a large base you can protect only one side of!

Key LocationsShipwreck #1 : 24 -184
Shipwreck #2 -152 -184
Village: 88 -840
Nether Portal: -600, -360
Cliff Mansion: 856 -584

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