Best cops and robbers Minecraft servers


Best cops and robbers Minecraft servers

There are many Minecraft servers to choose from. The most popular Minecraft server offers popular minigames such as cops and robbers.

Cops & Robbers is a game mode where a group of players plays as a cop while others are robbers. Cops have to stop robbers escaping and bring them to justice.

There are a few excellent minigames servers that offer Cops & Robbers. This list highlights five of the best cops and robbers servers.

1) Purple Prison

IP address:

This Minecraft prison server offers many game modes, including parkour, dropper and maze-events.

This server is also very active and games fill up quickly. Discord is a great place for new friends. It boasts over 55,000 members.

2) Hypixel

IP Address:

Hypixel is the most favored server in Minecraft. It has over 100,000 active users at peak times, something no other Minecraft server can match.

Hypixel's popularity is due to the selection of minigames called “cops and crims”, a spin-off from the original cops & Robbers game mode.

Hypixel's spin-off includes many cool features, such as fully functional guns and custom power-ups. To enhance the realistic feel, there is a texture pack that can be used while you play this minigame.

3) MxRoxGTA

IP Address:

Fans of the GTA (Grand Theft Auto), video game series will love MxRoxGTA. This server is themed around the GTA and allows players to play Cops & Robbers.

This server has many great features, including apartments and custom vehicles. There are also many maps to choose from. This server is a fantastic choice for those looking for a Cops & Robbers server.